Oral Hygiene Visit in Chicago’s Gold Coast & Hinsdale, IL

The type of treatment you receive at your oral hygiene visit will depend upon your Initial and periodic periodontal evaluations. Individualized treatment may include any of the following:

Adult Prophylaxis

An adult prophylaxis is a dental cleaning performed on patients with normal periodontal conditions. The frequency of cleanings is based on an individual’s assessment and is performed usually in 3, 4, or 6 month intervals. The cleaning includes scaling and polishing procedures to remove plaque, calculus and stains. Our team will help educate you on proper routine care and provide Oral Hygiene instructions, so that your home care will truly benefit your mouth. Special products may also be suggested to aid you in being more effective with your homecare.

Periodontal Maintenance Treatment

After completing initial periodontal treatment, your condition has been arrested, but not cured. Periodontal diseases are chronic diseases, much like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which require constant monitoring to ensure that your disease remains inactive. Most treated periodontal patients require more frequent cleanings, approximately every three months, since they are more susceptible to the recurrence of periodontal disease.

During your periodontal maintenance visit, your periodontal status is closely monitored for changes. At times, interceptive periodontal procedures are initiated to treat any sites or pockets that demonstrate significant signs of disease activity. In this way, further bone loss can be prevented.

Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)

At every adult prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance- Laser Bacterial Reduction therapy is offered to eliminate bacteria or bacterium in the mouth prior to your cleaning. The mouth is filled with countless bacteria. This service helps aid in keeping bacteria from entering into the bloodstream, as well as the passing of bacteria from one site in the mouth to others.

Fluoride Application

Dr. Weller recommends professional fluoride treatments for all adult patients as a basic preventative measure to protect against developing caries (cavities). Fluoride is also often used for treatment of teeth sensitivity. The fluoride used in the dental office is a much stronger concentration than that in toothpastes or at home fluoride mouth rinses. In-office fluoride treatments generally take just a few minutes. Depending on your oral health status, fluoride treatments may be recommended every three, six or 12 months.


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