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“I wanted perfect teeth, but I knew my teeth weren’t ever going to be really white. Add that to my terrible childhood dentistry issues and you don’t have a very happy smile. My friend recommended that I come see Dr. Weller to have my teeth repaired. He is so amazing – understanding and aware of my fears. He even gave me a movie so I could relax during my treatment. We decided to do veneers, replace the mercury fillings and laser sculpt my gum line.

I used to cry before I even opened a dentist’s door. Now I don’t even think about my old fears. I totally trust Dr. Weller …and I smile a lot more too!”

Alex – Owner of The Play Café.

“I wanted people to focus on something besides my teeth – I am in sales, and in that field you need to make a great first impression. That’s difficult with dark and crooked teeth. I chose Dr. Weller because I saw a lot of his work on other patients and he is an artist, and perfectionist.

Dr. Weller used Invisalign® to straighten my teeth and then placed veneers. Everyone took such good care of me. They were courteous, helpful, and talked to me as if I was a real person, not just a patient. Now I feel great! I am much more confident and relaxed with people. It makes such a difference.”

Anthony – General Sales Manager, Nissan

“My teeth were worn out and ground down so I had headaches, neck and jaw pain, and I work up almost every morning with my jaw locked shut. My face was even collapsing and it made me look old.

Dr. Weller and I are friends, and I had always been impressed by his knowledge, continuing education, and dedication to his field. But when I saw the work he had done on other patients, I decided it was time to get something done about my own discomfort. Working with Dr. Weller and his staff was a wonderful experience. They really have their act together – the flow is incredible – and every employee is dedicated to patient care. They placed upper veneers and when the procedure was finished, I was so happy. I smile more for pictures and I don’t have to think about whether to smile or not. It’s great!”

Jason – Emergency Room Physician

“I found Dr. Weller on the web – he was my third consultation and I liked him best. He was the most professional of all the doctors I saw. His location was ideal and I knew a number of the patients pictured on his walls. I wanted to find a full-time dentist and Dr. Weller gave me a really great feeling. Everyone is so nice. You feel as if you are at a friend’s house.”

Karen – Insurance Broker

“I was doing an interview to promote my music on iTunes and I didn’t like the way my smile looked on camera. I was aware that it wasn’t perfect, but once I saw it on video, I knew I needed to do something fast. I used to cover my smile with my hand, to you can’t put your hand over your mouth when you are promoting yourself!

We did six veneers and bonded two teeth. Dr. Weller sculpts each smile for the patient. It’s a very individual smile design that fits the person. Now I smile freely and I am constantly told how white my smile is. I even re-recorded the promotion video!”

Madison – R&B Singer

“I had very small teeth in proportion to my face and my front teeth were chipped from orthodontics I had as a teenager. It seemed that I was always having the chips fixed – I thought it was time to get my dentistry done right.

There are only three people I refer my friends to and one of them is Dr. Weller. I hesitate to attach my name to a referral as sometimes people end up dissatisfied with the work. This is never the case at Dr. Weller’s office. EVERYONE I have referred to him raves about him and his work. He is meticulous and enthusiastic in everything he does. And when you visit, you feel like you are walking into a spa environment, not a dental office. I had ten upper veneers and the confidence level I feel is great! After I had the work done, people would comment on how great I looked. They would look perplexed and asked if my hair was different or say that I looked well rested, but never guessed that it was my teeth because they looked so natural. I get compliments every day on my beautiful smile.”

Melissa – Pharmaceutical Rep

“I was beginning to see the aging process happen. You can really tell people’s age by their teeth and I kept seeing people on TV with great teeth while mine were chipping and getting dark. I wanted to make sure my smile didn’t age me. I knew right away that Dr. Weller was the right choice for me. He is very proud of what he does and takes good care of every patient. He is dedicated to making people look their best.

I had ten upper veneers and a frenectomy to make smiling physically easier. People think my smile looks great – very natural and I absolutely love how it looks! I feel and look younger and more refreshed.”

Ralph – Optometrist

“The first thing you notice about people is their smile. I never liked my smile, so I never smiled – in fact, I hated smiling. It kept me from having the confidence to go out, meet people, and do things. That really bothered my husband so he gave me my new smile as a gift!

Dr. Weller loves what he does. You can see the passion in his eyes when he describes what he can do to help you. Every patient, every mouth means something. When people love what they do for a living you know they are going to do a terrific job. I trusted him completely. He placed ten top veneers and we are going to so the bottom soon. I have a lot more happy days now! I would recommend Dr. Weller to anyone.”

Tali – Mother

“My father is a patient of Dr. Weller’s. He is very thorough in his research so I knew that this was going to be a top-of-the-line operation. They have a great reputation and their attention to personal care and service is outstanding. They take care of everything from explaining each and every process to setting up appointments with outside specialists.

Genetics gave me some small teeth and unfortunately, I had other negative orthodontic experiences growing up. In fact, ten of my teeth were extracted for my orthodontics, some of which were permanent. This led to me being very self-conscious about my smile and my teeth in general; didn’t like being in pictures and smiled with my mouth closed. The reason I went through this process was to feel confident about my smile again.

I had a full mouth restoration with implants, looking back at old pictures I can hardly believe what my teeth used to look like. The technology they used here is state-of-the-art and my new teeth look completely natural. My mouth used to be overly sensitive and I am very happy to say that those days are long gone. This was an extremely positive experience and I am very pleased that I went through it. My confidence in my smile is better than ever and I have been noticing results in my professional life as well as personal.”

Joe – Direct Mail Marketing Account Executive

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