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The History of Dental Floss

  The History of Dental Floss   Today, flossing is a hallmark of good oral hygiene and health. But it wasn’t always like that. You may be surprised to know how flossing became so important.   Flossing: An Age-Old Concept While the exact beginnings of flossing remain...

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Why are teeth sensitive?

  The Truth Behind Sensitive Teeth   Do you ever cringe after biting into ice cream? Do you hesitate before drinking hot beverages? You are not alone. One of the most common complaints we get is about tooth sensitivity! Teeth Are Sensitive When Nerves Are Exposed The...

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Preparing for A Dental Emergency

Preparing For a Dental Emergency It seems that accidents happen when we least expect them. When tooth damage is involved, it’s good to know what to do. Knowing the steps to take when a dental emergency transpires can save the damaged tooth, ward off infection, and...

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The Dangers of Piercing and your Oral Health

The Risks of Oral Piercings Self-expression comes in many forms. Art, fashion, writing or even body piercing. Before you think about getting an oral piercing—such as labret, lip, cheek or tongue piercings—you should know the risks involved. The Risks of Piercing  ...

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