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Full Mouth Rejuvinations


If severe dental problems, due to an accident, a medical condition, a habitual circumstance or dental neglect, are causing you discomfort and/ or embarrassment, you may be a candidate for Full Mouth Rejuvenation. Sometimes referred to as reconstruction or rehabilitation dentistry, rejuvenation treatment may be necessary, not only to restore the aesthetic appearance of the smile, but also to reconstruct the teeth and occlusion (bite) for functional and medical reasons.

When an individuals teeth are worn down, broken or missing, functional problems related to the occlusion, jawbone, and other teeth can occur. Through a comprehensive evaluation including Digital Dental Radiographs, Digital Diagnostic Photos and Diagnostic Models, Dr. Weller can provide a recommendation for treatment. Cosmetic and Restorative dental procedures such as Dental Implants, Porcelain crowns, Porcelain Veneers, or Adult Orthodontics may be included in the treatment recommendation.

With Full Mouth Rejuvenation, Dr. Weller can restore your teeth, gums, and occlusion to optimal health. You’ll feel revitalized and have a renewed sense of self-esteem!

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